Tijana Tadic

I was born and raised in Serbia. 10 years ago I moved to The Netherlands when I accepted a job offer from an IT company based in Utrecht. My first yoga experience happened few years later and it was definitely love at the first sight. Few years ago I decided to do a teacher training as I wanted to deepen my practice and learn more, I never thought I would teach yoga myself. As I was learning more and more and getting deeper into the yoga practice and philosophy, I realized that at the same time I started discovering that deep feeling of connection with myself and the world around me. Then I felt the need to share that with other people and inspire them to discover the same.

My classes are based on Vinyasa yoga where we flow continuously through the sequence of poses linking every movement with the breath. Word vinyasa means “to place in a specific way” which means that every sequence has a goal and the logic to reach that goal. Sometimes the goal is a specific pose and the whole sequence is created in order to open the body in a way to make it ready for that pose and sometimes it is based on a theme, like heart opening or finding balance.

For me, the most beautiful part of teaching yoga is connecting with each student and giving personal attention to everyone and that is what I’m also applying to my classes. And that feeling of connection with each person in the room is something that fills me with joy and gratitude like nothing else.